Westchester Community College Honors Program

Honors Program Application

  • You must have enrolled as a SUNY Westchester Community College student to apply to this program.
  • Incoming students must have a minimum score of 8 on the writing exam to apply to this program.
  • Please fill-in ALL areas of the application. Thank you.
We will reply regarding the status of your application via your e-mail, so please make certain to check your e-mail within two-three weeks of filing your application.  Thank you.
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Westchester Community College
Honors Courses
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Name two Westchester Community College instructors you would like contacted as references.  At least one must be a full-time faculty member; provide a phone number for a part-time faculty member. Transfer and incoming students should provide the names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of two previous professors/teachers to serve as references.
Write a 250-word personal statement explaining why, in your view, you are a good candidate for the Honors Program.  (required)


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