Recommendation Letter Questionnaire

Note: None of the questions below need to be answered. They are only being asked so that I may write a more detailed recommendation letter. If none of the information is supplied, my recommendation will be based solely upon your class grades and any other information I currently know about you.

Full Name:   

Phone Number:   

When did you graduate from Westchester Community College?

Check Program Taken: Certificate Program      Associate Degree Program

Year You Started Program:             Year Program Completed:

What is your overall Westchester Community College grade point average?

List the courses you have taken with me and the grade you received for each course.

List which courses you are currently enrolled in with me, if any.

What are your plans after graduation?

Are you involved in any student/community activities & if so what?

Are you currently working, and if so, where are you working and how many hours a week are you working?

Have you continued your education after Westchester Community College? If so, tell me the college, grades, and field of study.

Please provide any other information about yourself which you believe would be helpful for your letter of recommendation (e.g. family obligations, financial need, overcoming a disability or adversity, etc.).


Thank you.